West West Community Fair Online Auction 2021

Look in your garages, attics, closets, barns, and under the bed! If you find treasures large and small that you could part with for a good cause, take a digital picture (or a couple of digital pictures) of them and send the photo(s) to Cheryl Charles at cherylcharles01@gmail.com with

  • a one sentence description,
  • an estimated value, and
  • your suggestion of a minimum bid.

Do you have questions? You can call Cheryl at  802-376-8093 or text her at 505-603-4607.

Please submit your donation info and pictures by August 31st.

We want to have this page up and running with all the donated items listed by noon on Saturday, September 4th. Bidding will begin then and continue right through the fair weekend, until 5 pm on Sunday, September 12th.

All the items donated and their pictures will appear on this page when the auction goes live.

Minimum bids will be listed for each item, and each succeeding bid must be at least $5 higher than the last. Bidding will close each day at 8 pm, at which time we will update this page to reflect the high bids for the day. (Bids received after 8 pm will go into the next day’s bids.)

On Sunday, September 12th, we will be updating bids hourly beginning at 1 pm, and then every fifteen minutes between 4 and 5 pm. The high bid in hand for each item at 5 pm will win. Winners will be notified by email, and volunteers will arrange for pick-up or delivery of items locally.